Friday, January 27, 2012

It's A Dutch, Dutch, Dutch, Dutch Mad

Friday Comic Book Day.

This week the third issue of the Dutch Mad came out. It had our regular Funnipasti pages as well as three pages of Mars Gremmen Deals With... Disaster Prophets. And the 11 dumbest things and Persons of 2011, Dutch style. here are some highlights (all issues are available for anyone everywhere at

Introducing our Mad Eleven for 2011 with art by Gerben den Heeten.

Commenting on the Junior Minister for Culture's savaging of the budget. With art by Jorge de Vos.

Famous criminal takes a movie company to court for misrepresenting him in a movie. With art by actual court scetch artist Aloys Oosterwijk.

A bacterial outbreak in Germany leads to a widespread fear of all raw vegetables. With art by Bernard J. Vonk.

63 year old woman delivers a baby, art by Willem Ritstier, Willy Lohman and Serge Beaken.

Prime Minister Rutte makes a costly calculating error, art by Stef de Reuver.

And finally, our Maddest artist, Mars Gremmen delivers new episodes of his series Mars Takes On...

There is more in the actual magazine of course. Now available in a newsstand probably not very close to where you life.

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Paul Tumey said...

Nice to see some of the Dutch Mad work that you edit, Ger! Really well done and funny stuff! For those that don't know, Ger is the editor of the Dutch version of Mad! He translates and puts it all together!