Thursday, September 22, 2011

Ending With Scratch

Thursday Story Strip Day.

Lou Fine is an artist who later work is sriously underrated in my opinion. As revered as his work in comics in the forties is, his more sedate advertising and newspaper strip work of the fifties and sixties is mostly disregarded. I have shown a lot of that work here on my blog to adress that inbalance. I think that my love for his work in this style came from reading his newspaper strip Peter Scratch when it was reprinted in the Menommannee Falls Gazette in the seventies. They of course only reprinted the dailies of this, his latest newspaper strip. I was surprised to see there was a Sunday version as well. It does not reproduce taht well in black and white, which is the main reason I did not get more than a few. But still, it gives you a nice impression. The stories were very well written as well, as far as I can recall. I wouldn't mind a nice little reprint...

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Ger Apeldoorn said...

By the way, in a comment on Alan Holtz' item about Peter Scratch, Alberto Beccattini says Neal Adams hosted three weeks of dailies in June, August and September as well as three Sundays in 'the same period as he did the dailies'. The September Sundays here look like good candidates.