Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Nothing To Get Upset About

Wednesday Advertising Day.

I have paid attention to the Postum and Mr. Coffee Nerve ads pretty thoroughly in the early years of this blog. But it still run into a new one every now and then and I am dumping a new load here today. Onde day I hope to go through my archives and compile a neat long post with all of the different ads and series together. Until then you will have to use the tags to see more of your favorites.

In this loas we see more of the Joys and Glooms series, which seem to have been drawn by Paul Fung Jr. (although he was pretty young at the time these started). At least it is consistent with the Fireball Twigg series I think he drew as well and the Blondie comic strip which he drew in the fifties.

There is also a new early 1941 Mr. Coffee Nerves that does not seem to have been drawn by Milt Caniff and Noel Sickles, which indicated that there was an effort to replace them when they stopped doing the series under the Paul Arthur name.

of course there are some more Mr. Coffee Nerves ads from his return in the late forties, when Lou FIne drew him. BUt more importantly, there is a whole new set of historicly themes ads by an artist I can't yet place from 1949.

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