Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Sickling Your Fancy

Wednesday Advertising Day.

When I showed a few comic strip ads by Noel Sickles, one of the posters alerted me to a series of ads he did with (of aongside) an artist called Sakren in Life magazine. It took me a while to get them, but here is what I could find. It seems as good a place as any to ad a Sickles illustratiorn from 1951 in This Week.

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fortunato said...

THE RIBBERYS ad shows a style very distant from the humoristic and semplified one that Bill Sakren used in his comics and panels (

It seems he tried to imitate Sickles style.

And, being Italian, I'm surprised in discovering that Sickles illustrated a story by Italian journalist, historian, playwright and writer Indro Montanelli.
Maybe this story is from the book "Qui non riposano"?