Monday, October 10, 2011

Barrel of Fun

Monday School Day.

I am a big fan of the work of Al Jaffee (and proud to be able to include his new fold-ins in the Dutch Mad). He was always a prolific artist as well as an inventive one. One of his most inventive series was the elongated panel Tall Tales. For most of it's run the panel was silent as well (and better for it). It was only on the strong advice of his main paper that he started ading words and the strip ended soon afterwards. But while he was doing Tall Tales he still had time to contribute to magazines such as Humbug (in the early years) and sell cartoons to Playboy and Esquire. Apparently that was not all. Doing a routine search on e-bay, I found a kids book he illustrated for Scholastic. Given the nature and output of that publisher, I wouldn't be surprised if more comic book and newspaper artists moonlighted for the, but here at least is Al Jaffee's effort. I have chosen some of the most remarkable illustrations for the book, although I stringly believe they would have been beter and funnier if he had written them himself.

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