Monday, October 10, 2011

Brother, can you spare a Thou'?

Monday Cartoon Day.

Last year I bought one of my holy grail items as far as original art goes. In n auction at Heritage I got two Harvey Kurtzman/Jack Davis pages from Humbug. This month, Heritage has selected items from the Playboy archives on sale. No sign yet of the never published thir issue of Trump with all new material by Jack Davis, Harvey Kurtzman, Bill Elder, Al Jaffee and Walace Wood (or at least, I think so - since they literally disappeared into the vault), but it does have one of the best color pages Bill Elder ever did. It's a take off of those Sgt. Bilko ads for Camels cigarettes that Bob Bugge did in the late fifties.

Unfortunately I expect it to make upwards of $3000...

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Mike S. said...

That was beautiful, thanks! I am just old enough to remember Sgt Bilko..great parody.
Mike in FL