Sunday, October 16, 2011

Mort Than Meets The Eye

Sunday Mort Meskin Measures.

I was first bitten by the Mort Meskin bug by the website Meskin's sons had created together with Dylan Williams (which you van find at ( One of the most impressive pieces of art there, is a couple of pencilled pges for some sort of Revolutionary war story. For a long time, I didn't know what there were made for, except that the style seemed to indicate some sort of late forties project. At some point someone made the connection and saw that these would probably have been for the Know Your America series in Prize's Treasure comics. Meskin only did two of these stories, in issue #10 and #12. For some reason, the Know Your America story in #11 was drwn by another artist, with Meskin doing a seperate (longer) story in that issue. The pencils shown here are from the second Meskin story in #12 and they show why I think even more highly of Meskin as a peciller than an inker. As an inker, he took shortcuts that don't always enhance the pictur in my openion. That's why the work that was inked (and co-pencilled in some cases) by Jerry Robinson, from te same period or shortly before that, is so much more satisfying. Still, you have to admit it's a couple of pretty imressive stories and worth putting aside the weekly Vigilante stories for.

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