Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Big as Bugg with a Cig

Wednesday Advertising Day.

I have shown some of Bob Bugg's wonderfull illustration work. He had one of these 'modern' styles, which has comnections to Hank Ketcham's loose cartooning as well as the stylistic simplifications that were introduced by the New York cartoon crowd.

I have also shown some of the lovely ads he did for Lucky Strike featuring Phil Silvers as Sgt. Bilko. Not too much, because I have practically the whole run and want to wait until I have scanned them in to show those.

But here is another cigarette ad series he did before Lucky Strike came along. It is for the same company, Reynolds, who were one of the largest newspaper comci strip ad producers. They really believed in the medum and when they switched to photography it must have hurt the industry more than anything else. This series has a great satirical feel to it, which fits with the New York sensibillity at the time. The satirists and the advertising world were so much more on the same page back then...

I came across this series, because I had one color sample. The rest is in black and white. But I do think it may be the whole of the biweekly run.

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