Thursday, November 03, 2011

Here He Comes To Save The Blog

Thrsday Story Strip Day.

Well first make me clear these stories are not by Wayne Boring, but by Win Mortimer. The only Boring sample here is the Sunday. And a pretty good one it is. Mortimer went on to do David Crane, which I should share soem day as well.

The Superman newspaper strip ran for a very long time, all through the forties and fifties, in fact. Even though the early years were reprinted, most of it wasn't. And that is too bad, because the stories and art (especially that by Wayne Boring) was pretty good. For many years, I think the newspaper strip was actually better than the sillier comic book version. So why these were never reprinted, I don't know. Theu only thing I can gues is the early years didn't sell and then they just dropped it. Which is silly, but it happens. There is a focus on reprinting stuff from the beginning even when it might take five years before we get to the really memorable stories, especially at DC. Marvel is taking a much more smart approach with their Atlas Era series of books, where they just pick the best runs and do those first. But of course, they are advised by Doc Vasallis, the best Atlas expert around.

Anyway, here is a paticulary long run of Superman from 1952/1953. I haven't got a lot of Sundays, but from what I can see here, they are not tied in to the daily storyline. Since the Sundays are even more impressive than the dailies, that makes a reprint series of Sunday strips even more desirable, I'd say.


Booksteve said...

Although still credited to Boring, these strips were by Win Mortimer who ghosted for several years.

You can find a huge amount of SUPERMAN newspaper strips from the fifties and sixties here:

josemas said...

Agree about the Mortimer ID but that one Sunday in the bunch does look like Boring to me.

Joe Moore

Ger Apeldoorn said...

I almost wrote that it was by 'a surprisingly like Win Mortimer looking' Boring, Steve. And when I read your post, my first thought was: well, at least the Sundays were by Boring... and thanks for the link!