Thursday, November 24, 2011

Mr. Smith Goes Into Space

Thursday Story Strip Day.

Roy Thomas asked for samples of African American comic book artist A.C. Hollingsworth for an upcoming issue of Alter Ego. What few people know is he drew Scorchy Smith for a short time in the early fifties, inbetween the longer runs of Rodlow Willard and George Tuska. Under Willard, the strip had already evolved into some sort of pilot sf things, something Tuska toned down. But Hollingsworth played it to the hilt. The art is not very pretty, but it has a style of it's own. I believe I even have one or two Sudays by Hollingsworth (the Sunday was discontinued under Tuska and I never saw any by Willard) on the back of a Patsy in Hollywood Sunday (another strip continued far to long by AP). BUt I don't think I even canned it in, so ugly did I find it. I might have to dig it out now, for Roy. These are fine to get an impression, but they are not for print.

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