Monday, November 21, 2011

Stars Through His Eyes

Monday Cartoon Day.

Feg Murray was an Olympic hurdler, who took to cartooning in the 1920's. In 1936 he started the feture he was famous for, called Seein' Stars. It was a gossipy variation on the Belive it or Not format, with beautiful artwork by Mr. Murray hmself. In the ate thristies he became some sort of a minor celebrity himself, appearing on radio as some sort of gossip expert and probably even presenting his own program. I will have to look into that. Since I am concentrting on scanning stuff from the late fifties now and he stopped doing Seein' tars in 1951, I only have black and white scans for now. But an impressive lot it is. He sdoes not seem to have depended on ghost artists much, or at least the style remains solid all through the run. And even if he had help, remember he did this daily and Sunday for over 15 years...

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