Sunday, November 20, 2011

Take Me Down Before I Gogo.

Sunday Mort Meskin Measures.

Today, we see the return of Mort Meskin to The Vigilante with isue 119 of Action comics. The issues before that the credits at the GCD are a bit unsure. The story for #116 is credited to George Roussos (?) on pencils, when he signes the story on the splash. The one after that is credited to Roussos with Sy Barry on inks and the one after that has Roussos and ? as the penciller. This could be true, but I think this run of the Vigilante could use a good cohesive look as far as credits go.

Anyway, for #119 the credits are Meskin and Roussos and that seems right. Meskin had just started doing new Vigilante stories for Western Comics and this seem to be up to par. This is the period he worked with Jerry Robinson as well and his compositions take a giant leap forward. He chages from a sometimes sloppy and intuitive artist into a hardworking giant of composition before out very eyes.

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