Saturday, December 17, 2011

Major Dilly

Saturday Leftover Day.

Sururi Gumen was a prolific Turkish artist. He came to the US in 1955 and took a job as the ghost for Alfred Andriola on Kerry Drake. In the late fifties Andriola created a realisticl drawn gag strip about a young acrtress with Mel Casson, who was joint president with him of the cartoonist society. It's Me, Dlly is usually reported to have been drawn by Gumen as well. And although I see his style in this strip, I have my doubts if he could really have done two strips at the same time. Also, the finishing style of this strip is much more designconscious as Gumen's solo work later in the seventies for Cracked. So I don't know who else had a hand in this, but the slightly stilted design aspects of this strip is what makes it work for me. I have gathered here almost all I had lying around, as well as some new scans and some old scans from a previous posts. What make me think of this strip, is the fact it is one of the 'girls making it in showbussiness/Hollywood adventures strips I mentioned last Thursday.

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Rich Clabaugh said...

Thanks for posting! Another gem I never knew existed! I especially love the different logo designs on the Sunday strips.