Thursday, December 15, 2011

Odd For Odd's Sake

Thursday Story Strip Day.

Here's a real oddity I came across. There were many strips in the late forties using hollywood and starlets as a name of a bass set-up. Patsy in Hollywood, Dawn O'Day, Jezebel, Talulah and probably more. This one had a daily and a Sunday, but the paper I could get these from at NewspaperArchive was only in their files very sporadicly, so this is about all I could find. It seems to be from one large three month sory (as all stories were about three months back then). I don't know who Pabian was and I am not sure if the Rennie McEvoy is the same McEvoy as the one writing Dixie Dugan and Merrie Chase.

In the comment section there is more information and a link to an Italian website showing two color Sundays. At the end I have added a newspaper clipping I found after finding out that I had misread the name Pabian as Pablan.

And finally this news item from shortly after the strip ended in 1948 (after having had it's name changed in 1947). Striebel created Dixie Dugan with J.P. McEvoy.


Smurfswacker said...

You've done it again: dug up another strip I've never heard of. Artist Pabian certainly ranged wide for his swipes. Off the bat I recognize Bill Woggon, Zack Mosley, Alex Raymond, and Roy Crane.

fortunato said...

If you read Italian, you can have a lot of info about Jim Pabian here:

and here:

Smurfswacker said...

Fortunato, thanks for those links. Pabian had a fascinating career.

Ger Apeldoorn said...

My first thought when I saw the art: another of those Chicago cartoonists. I'll go and check the Italian link now.

Well, I was wrong. Not only in interpreting the i in Pabian as an L and in not finding out the strip ran to 1948, but also in the fact that he was not from Chicago, but beonged to that group of comic book artists who worked in animation and drew comic books on the side...