Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Recruitmink Ads

Wednesday Advertising Day.

Looking through some clippings from 1941, I came across this oddity. A Popeye recruiting ad series for the Navy. Now here's something that should be featured in any book or article on comic figures doing their bit for the war. Oddly enough for a Navy recruitment ad, it seems to have been distributed mainly to the mid-American states.

What interests me most, is the act that it is signed J.M. This problably is Joe Musial, who assisted on Popeye in 1938 and drew promotional material for King Features for most of the forties. This also makes him a prime candidate for the Kellogg Grape=Nuts ad series Fireball Twigg, although stylisticly Paul Fung Jr. remains the best optionn.

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