Friday, January 06, 2012

Thrown Clear

Thursday Storystrip Day.

I have not yet been able to download and clip the last leg of the Juliet Jones story I started two weeks ago. In the meantime I have found some sources saying that Bob Lubers only took over from Stan Drake (after he had the accident which killed Alex Raymond). Still a huge feat, since he was doing his own daily and Sunday Long Sam as well. In that same period, it seems to me Bob Lubbers did some Juliet Jones Sundays as well. At that time, the Sundays and dailies of that strip had seperate storylines. The deadline for the Sundays was even more ahead of publication. I think the first story here is by Drake and the start of the second one is by Lubbers. Drake may have been back as soon as the third installment.

I will add the end of that story later...


fortunato said...

Pages from November 11 1956 on are surely by Lubbers (Juliet seems a twin of Long Sam).

Ger Apeldoorn said...

Absolutely. What surprised me, is the fact that the fourth on (which I will add today) already seems as if it might be by Drake again.