Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Art For Mel's Sake

Thursday Story Strip Day.

Bob Lubbers was always capable of doing two newspaper strips as once. When he was doing Long Sam in the late fifties, he ghosted for people such as Stan Drake and John Cullen Murphy (Big Ben Bolt). He also drew the last two Sundays of Rusty Riley, when the artist Frank Godwin died. I shall try and find those. He took over the Saint from John Spranger in late 1958, mst of which I have shown here. And in 1960, he took over Secret Agent X-9 after a long run by Mel Graff. For this, he adopted the pen name Bob Lewis and a more scratchy style that was based on Graff's. The story I am showing here, is talen from newspaper print, so it is not the best quality. But for those of t=you that want to see what the realy thing looked like I have added three originals, taken from, where there is a small galaery of Lubbers art. Gorgeous stuff. There also is a daily from August 1960 there, refuting some web information that Lubbers took over this strip in 1961.

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