Friday, March 16, 2012

Legend of the Present

Friday Comic Book Day.

This month it will be 70 years ago when Joe Kubert got his forst professional credit for the six-page story "Black-Out", starring the character Volton, in Holyoke Publishing's Catman Comics #8 (March 1942). The book was produced some month before that, so Mr. Kubert may already have celebrated his entry into the bussiness privately. Or not, as he seems to be a man who does not live or care for the past. And indeed, at age 85 he is still very much of the present, producing new material for himself and for the PS magazine which he still produces every month. I see he did the cover for my friend Craig Yoe's new book on 3D comics (which Kubert pioneered with Norman Maurer at St. JOhn's). I look forward to his new stuff evey time. Still, I have to confess to liking his 'early' style very much as well. Of course he had to find his groove, but when he did in the late forties, he procuced some of the best looking comic book stories around. Today I have two black and white samples of some work in that style. He would later take it to St. John where he produced some of his own comic books with Norman Maurer and unto DC, where he was one of the few artists not forced to adapt to the house style or be inked by one of the staff artists. I have added an even earlier story, which he inked over the pencils of Hy Rosen. I knew they wokred together on some stuff for Stan Lee at Timely/Atlas, but this was for Standard's Teen-Age Romances. All of this, by the way, are not new finds. They are all know by fans and noted in the Grand Comic Book Database. I had just never seen them before.

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