Thursday, April 12, 2012

Flying The Flagg

Thursday Story Strip Day.

I found a new color scan of a Dan Flagg page and I have added that to the four I have shown earlier. With that, I had a series of black and white Sundays, nit the best condition but they show the strip isn't the graphic wasteland it is sometimes made out to be. Rumor has it Don Sherwood did next to nothing on it, but I do see some traces of his later style. For the most part, I would go with Sherwood on pencils and Alden McWilliams on inks.


Alberto said...

Hello Ger.

Dan Flagg is a very interesting strip to study, as Don Sherwood - as you certainly know - employed quite a few ghosts on it. He probably did most of the writing on the strip, although Archie Goodwin (1963-64) and Jerry Thomas (1964-67)often helped him out.

As for the drawing, until he mostly inked, leaving the pencilling to much better artists such as Al McWilliams, Jack Sparling, George Evans, Larry Englehart, Angelo Torres, Al Williamson, and Doug Wildey. Ben Oda provided first-class lettering.

As for the Sunday pages you run, most were penciled by Al McWillians and inked by John Belfi (1963) and by Sherwood. The May 17, 1964 page, though, was pencilled and inked by the great Doug Wildey.


Ger Apeldoorn said...

Alberto, I can not add much to your list, again. Most Sunays look like the work of Alden McWilliams anyway. Larry Englehart is a new name to me, I'll look into that.

Making A.Difference said...

My father-in-law is Larry Englehart. He has some amazing stories that he shares with us every Christmas. He is very talented but very private and actually hates hearing that he is on the internet. He is a piece of history that walked out of New York 1959-1960. He will never e-mail or text for that reason, but if you sit with him and buy him a beer (or 2) he will talk for hours. You will never be disappointed. A real gentleman and funny as hell.

Ger Apeldoorn said...

If he is in or near New York I'd gladly sit dwn with him. Was his eork in comics coincidental or did he do more? I see he wrote some stories fir the early Creepy as well...