Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Smoking Trail

Wednesday Advertising Day.

Some time ago I showed some early sixties ads, some of which looked as if they could have been among the earliest ad work of Neal Adams (while still at the Johnstone and Cushing offices). In his biographies he mentions having been trained by Elmer Wexler, although I personally alsways found his style to be more like that of Tom Sawyer. I have gone back to look for more of the Viceroy Ads, that ended up being Adams' strip in my opinion. The start of this series was in 1959, when Adams was still assisting Howard Nostrand on the backgrounds of Bat Masterson and these earlier saples do look slightly different. If Adams is in there and if, as he stated he was heavily corrected by Wexler at his start, I think we see him appearing in May 1960, with his personal come more and more into the foreground along the way.

To round out this post, I have added a seperate series of funny magazine ads for Viceroy, in the 'modern' style, signed JH. I have no idea who that would be, but maybe someone out there will.


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