Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Last of the Lubbers

Thursday Story Strip Day.

Last September I showed a longer lot of Bob Lubbers' final newspaper strip Robin Malone. It consisted of dailies and Sundays from the first story, which I had clipped myself. Unfortunately, that was not a complete story but the art was gorgeous enough to just look at. Recntly, I came across a complete set of clips for the first story in dailies. I added the Sundays I already had, which are a part of the continuety, so now you can read it. Weird stuff, but still fun. And masterfully drawn by one of the forgotten masters of the newspaper strip genre. I started this blog to focus some attention to the newspaper strips and cartoons of the fifties that seem to have been neglected by the comi strip historians. This means that artists who exelled in that period have not gotten the apprciation and attention they deserve. Some did, like Stan Drake and Leonard Starr - but their contemporary Bob Lubbers deserves just as much i my opinion.

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