Friday, April 20, 2012

Toy To The World

Friday Comic Book Day.

I came across a couple of early Bob Lubbers covers for a kids comic called Toyland, which I wanted to share. Th first story in the second and third books was by another of my favorite fifties artists, George Tuska. The first one looks as if he didn't ink it himself, but the second one is signed. Both are unmistakebly his, even though he did not do a lot of funny stuff in his career.


Smurfswacker said...

Great to see these unusual Tuska stories. The witch looks like "Mrs. Crime!"

Ger Apeldoorn said...

Yeah, I believe we saw this in Buck Rogers as well. Defenitively a prototype for him. But does this mean he designd Mr. Crime or is it just something he adopted?

Rocco Nigro said...

Thanks for putting these up. I was wondering what these look like. I have been reading some of Tuska's other Fiction House work in Rangers Comics and really like the work.