Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Let's Grow Old Together

Tuesday Comic Strip Day.

I am aware there is great hunger and poverty in te world. I clearly see there are all sorts of social injustices. But nothing touches me as deeply as the small problems of the hardworking common little man. I don;t know what that says about me but it can't be anything good. I just feel for the poor slobs who work and work and get nothing for it except setbacks and the occasional kick to his backside. Maybe that's why I like Harry Hanan's silent hero Louie so much. He moves me.

So whenever I come across one of his dailies of Sundays I clip it or scan it and save it in my blog folder. And sometimes decide it is time to unload some of them. Today is such a day. So you get a sampling of twenty years worth of silent misery. It's amazing how long Hanan was able to come up with new gags or new variation to old gags. The strip did change, though. Towards the end Louie himself looks about twenty years older then when he started out. His wife doesn't change.She looks old from the start.

I the comments section I was alerted to the fact that these scans are all very small, including the ones I did myself. I checked my setting, but they seem to be okay. Is it the fact that this is an unusually large post?

I tried them seperately in a new post, but they still are very very small... anyone know what happened here?


Daniel [oeconomist.com] said...

I cannot say that this 8 dpi resolution is doin' it for me.

Ger Apeldoorn said...

Huh, what happened here? I spend the whole day doing these... and now they are so small? I hope I won't have to do them again!