Sunday, May 27, 2012

Nugent Nugget

Saturday Leftover Day.

This is going to be an easy post, I thought. I am a bit late and I have to go out, so that suits me fine. I came across an issue of The Westerner, with two Bernie Krigstein stories I had bever seen and wanted to share them. I know Krigstein did a lot of genre work before coming into his own at Timely and EC and back to Timely again. Greg Sadowsky's books (one on Krigstein, one reprinting a ot of his non EC material) has shown a lot of that work, often very nicely reprinted, restored and recolored. I can recommend both books. Greg also makes a big point of Krigstein not being allowed to ink his own work in his earliest efforts, which prevented him from making as good as it could be. Or at least, the few instances where he does ink his own work, it is so much better. And here in Westerner #24, we see two stories, one of which robably isn't inked by him and one which very well might be.

But then I did a quick search and saw that the second story probably was reprinted by Greg in his second book. Or at least, that was what the credits at the Grand Comic Book Database said. Only, they mention a different title to the story, than I had. I went up to my study and looked at the book and there it was again. A Nuggets Nugent story with a diffeent title, 'Double Trouble' instead of Nuggets Nugent 'goes to work'. In his first book Greg mentions that all of the Nuggets Nugent stories are very good, a highlight in his early work. And frankly, this one is even better! So how and why the numbering mix-up happened and where the Double Trouble story does come from I don't know. Maybe someone can ask Greg?

And while I am at it, let's ad a couple more.

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