Monday, May 28, 2012

The Yellow Menace

Sunday Meskin Measures.

After my temporary confusion last week I have been put right about the sequence of events surrounding Mort Meskin's breakdown in the lat forties. Steven Brower and Harry Mendrick pointed out that the gap to coincide with Meskin's hospotalization wasn't there. Or if it was anywhere, it should have been in 1948, after his last DC story. And there is no gap there. This fits better, because DC usually stockpiled their material a bit longer, so the fact that the first new material by Meskin and Robinson after the breakdwon appears in the same month as the last DC material isn't strange. I couldn't come to that conclusion on my own, because I had always thought the break in Meskin's career would have coincided with Robinson leaving and finding another career (at least temporarily). But Steven assured me that that was not the case. My bad, makes much more sense now.

So here we see Mskin coming into his own in a solo (unsigned) Black Terror story which shows he could do it all by himself. Impressive.


Steven Brower said...

Hi Ger,

I still see Jerry's hand in here. There's a softness to the faces when Mort worked with Jerry.


Ger Apeldoorn said...

It wouldn't surprise me. But at least this story is unsigned, so there probably is a difference in degree.