Sunday, June 17, 2012

Parting Shots

Sunday Meskin Measures.

This is the last Meskin/Robinson story from this period. I am not sure if this is the las work they did together. It seems their work for Standard stopped because the magazines stopped and not the other way around. But in this same issue Mort Meskin ends with two solo stories (one of which may have been inked by George Roussos, but we'll see). Was that a coincidence? And in The Black Terror he starts working solo as well.

Anyway, soon after this Meskin starts working solo for Simon and Kirby at Prize (after having worked for them on several titles with Robinson about a year and a half earlier) and he quickly becomes one of their most important contributors. As we will see, he changes his style around this time. Was that because he was working solo, or did the jobs themselve create that change? Robinson leaves comics for a short while, returning about a year later at Martin Goodman's Timely/Atlas with editor Stan Lee, to do what I consider some of the finest work of his career.

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