Monday, June 18, 2012

Functional Otto

Monday Cartoon Day.

I love me some obscurities. Otro Soglow's The Little King is a pretty well know quantity among comic strip collectors. It was in enough papers to have been seen by almost everyone. I have also shown his advertising work from the forties and fifties, including his memorable run on Pepsi Cola. Less known is the fact that he did a regular stint as an illustrator for King Features Sunday weekly The Pictorial Review. The illustrations he did for them were different from either The Little KIng or his advertising work. In the same style, of course - but often more elaborate. At the time they must have been seen about as often as the Little King, but for some reason this huge body of work has remained unknown. It would be hard to collect, bound as it is to many different texts and writers. But like Gluyas Williams illustration work, it was pretty well executed and should be remembered. I have stacks and stacks of PR magazines upstairs - so I guess I will do a bit of scanning one of these days. Until then, here are a few I found on the interwebs, including a few of his ads.

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