Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Platoon, laugh!

Tuesday Comic Strip Day.

While clipping the rare George Tuska strips I shared last week, I came across a whole run of Beetle Bailey Sundays for the mid fifties as well and I couldn't help to take them all. As I have said before, I believe that 1956/162 were the funniest years for Beetle Bailey. I am very sad that the Checker reprint series (itself a republication of the Scandinavian series that complete reprints all of BB) was cut short after the first volume for 1950/1952. Titan picked up the reprint rights, reducing the size and cutting it down to one year at the time, starting in 1965. Not so much a complete reprint series as a Best Years Of. My clippings cover the years inbetween the Checker book and the 'good years'. I will share it with you over the coming weeks. As you can see, the jokes are still a bit labored and not as character driven as they would get in later years. But it's nice to see the strip grow into it's own. Let's hope books will follow anyway sometime soon.

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