Thursday, August 16, 2012

Bailey's Cream of the Crop

Thursday Story Strip Day.

Two more arbitrarily chosen months of Bruce Gentry from my files. I seem to have quite a few sources for this strip in daily form. Some in better condition then others. I can't find any Sunday, unfortunately and the one source I had on Google News is lost to me (not having kept the name of the paper, the search function they had doesn't seem to work anymore - at least for me in Europe). The few Sundays I have are gorgous and I have tried buying more, but I lst the bid to several high bidding fans on ebay and a set I found on sale at a newspaper strip dealer (quite expensively) was sold before I could get it. So if there is anyone out there who has a lead to more Sundays or better condition dailies, please contact me.

Filling in the holes, I ran across a source for Sundays after all. It seems to have been a paper that only uses the Sundays - which was possible because at that point the dailies and Sundays were telling seperate stroies. I will get a run ready and probably share it next Saturday.

And then I find out that I have already done this lot and failed to remove it from my files. Well, anyway, it is more complete this time. I hope to exstand this run to the end of the strip in januari 1951.

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