Sunday, August 26, 2012

Hunters and Gatherers

Saturday Leftover Post.

Today's post is thanks to the serial scanner Narfstar. There is a huge scanning community in comics nd old print material. Those of you, who search the interwebs for reading material don't always realiser that every single page you are reading online has to have been scanned at some point. And usually there is more work to it than that it has to be cleaned, put right, put in a readable format - and it all takes time. Basicly there are two types of scanning enthousiasts, the hunters and the gatherers. I try to be a bt of both, presenting you with scans from my our collection of comics, newspaper strips and magazine cartoons. Narfstar is one of the more active scnners at The Comic Book Museum, where you (and I) can find loads and oads of old copyright free comcs. They have a strict politcy of not using material that is still under copyright, unlike some sites. Narfstar also contributes to other sites and on one of them I picked up this short but lovely run of Gene Hazelton's Dennis the Menace inspired Angel Face. Like most bratty kid panels, it didn't live very long and it wasn't in a lot of papers. So to find a whole month worth is great. I usually don't show of with the work from someone else, but Hazelton is a very respected artist with a huge section of my regulars and I don't think they will find it on thier own. So, here, with thanks to the unknown scanner (either Narfstar or someone else - who knows where he got it), some nice early work by the later Hanna-Barbara artist.


Rich Clabaugh said...

REALLY REALLY GREAT stuff Ger!! Thanks for posting! I would love for a book to come out on Mr.H!

Ger Apeldoorn said...

Good idea...!