Monday, August 27, 2012

The Other Benito

Monday Cartoon Day.

On the pages I have been showing here by Italian artist Benito Jacovitti he often uses an everyman figure to react to all the absurdities of modern life depicted in his gags. After that, he used the figure in a series of silent strips and called him Guiseppe. But thatw as not the first time he used that name (or even some of the gags). In the fifties, while he was doing his regular one or two pages of strips for the weekly El Vittorioso, for a short time he submitted small silent gags with a similar but different everyman figure that were used on the cover as well as some of the insides. In some of the gags, he called that figure Guiseppe as well. There can't have been too many, but they were all as delightfully absurd, shwoing why I have called this atist The Italian Don Martin (ven though he started earlier than Mad's Maddest Artist did).

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fortunato said...

For "El Vittorio" I suppose you meant "Il Vittorioso" (The Victorious), an old and famous Italian weekly magazine (

And the name Giuseppe (Joe) is a very common name in Italia (and I think everywhere), so it fits perfectly to an everyman.