Sunday, October 21, 2012

A Look Back In Appreciation

My Great Big American Trip Day 10.

Saturday I did some shopping and took a cab to JFK Airport. Unfortunately, I had gotten so many 'free' books that I was at least 30 pound over weight with my suitcase. The bagage handlers had an empty box for me, which I could ad as a second bag - for $91 dllars. I still don't know why my extra bag cost me taht much, while the Australians I had met on the way up could hip ther extra bags for $25 each. Must have been the weight of all those freebees.

After an uneventful trip back home (apart from a one year old baby trying out how loud she could yell and a bus that departed while I was still unloading my bagage), I was back with the usual enthousiasm by my family: "Oh hi, dad..."

Looking back on it all, it has been a great week. I liked sharing it with all of you and thank you for all the nice compliments. I may be back sometime soon, but nothing is set yet. I'll let you know. My great thanks go out to Craig an Clizia, who put up with me for all that time. The last night I stayed at a hotel in New York and realized just how much they had saved me. Plus providing a warm place to get home to every day. I have always liked Craigs books and can recommend all of them. From the oddball Arf books to his collections of comics. I will try and find ways of advertising his books and those of others I have met on this trip, but for now I can only say that you should have a look on Amazon for Yoe Books. There might be something for you as well. Craig has great taste (or at least the same taste as I do) and his books are well presented and lovingly produced by his team of little helpers.

At Yoe's every helps with the books.

Tomorrow normal posting resumes.

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Rich Clabaugh said...

Thanks for all your 'reports' Ger! They were entertaining and I was more than a little jealous! *L*
Glad you had such a great time here in the US, come back soon!!