Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sam the Man

My Great Big American Trip Day 9.

On my final day I took the train into New York early, so I could go to the Mad offices on 1700 Broadway. I was met by art edtor Sam Viviano, who continued the Mad tradition of almost never telling the truth. After learning that the Dutch edition of Mad had stopped after six issue, he introduced me to everyone as 'the editor of the longstanding Dutch edition of Mad'. I had the first five issues of Mad with me. "Why not six?" he asked. I said I must ahve forgotten the last one. He said: "Well, you can take these back as well, I don't do imcomplete series". We leaved through the Dutch edition and he complemented me on the quality of our packages. I think he meant the magazine.

My favorite magazine mascot with Alfred E. Neuman.

Ever since moving to 1700 Broadway, all artists visiting have contributed a sketch to the Wall of Shame. In marker inker, so they can remove you with the flick of a sleave.

Of course Al Jaffe is there as well, with a Stupid Question. In fact he had been there a couple of days before, which was shown in the Mad blog (

Also on the wall is my favoite new Mad artist, the Australian Anton Emdin. He has a Twilight parody in the latest issue.

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rnigma said...

Cool that you got to visit the Mad offices!
I remember when Sam Viviano worked on a Mad ripoff called "Bananas."