Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Amazing But Probably True

Wednesday Advertising Day.

When I was at Mort Walker's I asked him about Dik Browne. He repeated the story about how he 'found' Dik. When the Korean war was about to end, Mort was afraid that Beetle Baily's circulation would suffer in the same way strips like Sad Sack and Mr. Breger had suffered after the world war. He had Beetle visit his parents to try out how that would work and in the process introduced his sister Lois and her husband Hi. Prett soon he relized that could be a strip on it's own and he went to King Features' editor Sylvan Beck. He agreed and they both went looking for an artist for a family strip. Beck came back with the artis who drew the Tracey Twins for the comic pages of the boy scout magazine Boys Life. Mort came with the artist who drew the newspaper ad strip The Trouble Twins. Both were by the same artist, Dik Browne.

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