Friday, October 26, 2012


My Great Big American Trip.

For those of you missing the reports of my trip, let me have a look back one more time.

When I got back home, I felt like I had deserved a holiday, but of course I had to go straight to work. Before leaving I had left four television series pitches with my favorite production company and they were going to take them to a network to see if there was any interest. Two of those were recieved well, but they had notes and these weeks I am working to incorporate them and try to develope some sample stories. Hard work, but the most fun you can have with your clothes on. If they are done, we will try and get a script order - which won't mean we are on the air, because out of all the scripts ordered from the different companies, only a few will go to series. I'll keep you posted.

My article about the Dailey Show was accepted and will take for pages in the VARA gids of the week of the American elections. I will show those when it comes out, so you can all learn Dutch.

All in all it has been an amazing time and I have been thinking a lot about all the people I met. Crazy guy Craig, who I always called Greg, which made him sort of annoyed. "My name is Craig Yoe, not Greg Joe!" I didn't mention the fact that he (and many others) have called me anything from Grrr Appledorn to Jerry Matterhorn.

I think back with fondness of his wife Clizia and her mother, who made me want to learn Italian. If only to be able to talk to Griffin next time I see them.

I remember Michael, with whom I used to correspond a lot on the old Timely-Atlas group, back when he didn't tweet all his posts from the train. I'd love to see him again - and get locked in his treasure room for a week.

But mostly I remmber the delicious babka I got at the deli where Mort Walker bought us lunch. Or actually, Bill Janocha bought it, but Mort paid.

And I didn't even mention the great talk I had with Steve Staffel from Titan Books, talking to Steven Brower, meeting cartoonist Gary Fields and having a great conversation with just about every cabby I met. Contrary to popular opinion I found New York to be a very welcoming place.

And how about Harry Mendrick who strangely insisted on seeing me and then surprised me with a set of selfmade Simon and Kirby books. "From one fan to another," he said. It reminded me that I am into this stuff as much for the people as for the funnybooks.

See ya next time.

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