Sunday, November 18, 2012

A Bit Of A Mystère

Sunday Meskin Measures.

From the late fifties DC tried to give their anthology titles recurring characters. Most of them have remained somewhat know among fans and collectors and sometimes they have been given a second life by writers goldmining the past. But some died in obscurity. Mark Merlin is somewhere halfway between. He is still somewhat know, although he has never really been revived. I guess he is related a bit to the Italian comic strip hero Martin Mystery, who like Mark Merlin goes around solving mysteries. His creator, the writer Alfredo Castelli, is also one of the most knowledgable comic book art historians, contributing to many American books and sites. He also visits here every now and then, so maybe he can tell us how 'Martin Mystere' came to be and if he is connected to the other MM.


jhegenbe said...

Of course, Mark later evilved into Prince Ra-Mon (or something like that) and that character has, I think, been briefly revived. And Martin had an ape-like sidekick, much like Java in the Metamorpho comic. So, MM may be similar to MM, but there's more different than similar, IMHO. BTW, this Mark Merlin story is one of the very first I ever read and Meskins art attracted me then because it was so "primative" and yet "sophisticated" to my young eyes.

Ger Apeldoorn said...

Well, I think Martin Mystery has an apelike or neanderthal sidekick... but frankly, it would surprise me is there is a direct link.

This is in fact the very first Mark merlin story, so you latched on as early as you could.