Saturday, November 17, 2012

Comic book lessons

Saturday Leftover Day.

I do not often or quickly link to other sites or bloggers, but todays post is directly linked to Mike 'Doc' Vassallo's post about the work comic artist Jerry Robinson did for Timely/Atlas in the late forties and early fifties. Robinson is best known for his contribtions to the Batman legend (as Bob Kane's 'inker'), his coolaboations with Mort Meskin and to some for his seminal book about newspaper comics. But in the late forties, when he was teaching a night class on comics at the New York School of Art (where he had many later comic greats. like Steve Ditko, Ross Andru and Marie Severin among his students), he asked Stan Lee to come and have a talk - which led to him doing stories for the crime, romance and later horror books Stan Lee edited for Msome of rtin Goodman. I have shown some of these before and said how to me they represent Robinson's best comic work. Mike Vassallo does an overview for all the work and proves my point. Robinson was a major comic book talent, an inspiration to people like Bob Forgione and Steve Ditko and his stories are just plain gorgeous. My favorites are his crime work, which are not only very good - but also very good three or four years before everyone else was very good.

Go and see Mike's blog for the full story and then come back here for these two samples.


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