Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Brand X Art

Wednesday Advertising Day.

I love the Pepsi Cola Cops ad series and I wish I had more time to scan in the many samples I have. Maybe some day. The series about a couple of Keystonelike cops probably was started by Rube Goldberg and continued by others. One never I have not yet seen mentioned in connection with this strip, but the one I come across the most, is that of Stan Randell. I don't know who Randell is or what he did (he is mentioned as the aritst of a mid thirties strip in the early comic book New Fun, but nothing more) but he seems to have worked for Johnstone and Cushing and did other strips as well. Just for fun I have included another of his series ( in a similar slapstick style) for Skinless brand sausages. You'll also find two more early Pepsi ads by Otto Soglow (more of which I have shown in an earlier post) and two later ones which seem to be by Lou Fine (who certainly seems to have worked overtime in 1950).

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rodineisilveira said...

This is the taste of Pepsi generation!