Sunday, January 27, 2013

The War At DC

Sunday Meskin Measures.

I always believed that when Meskin returned to DC in 1954, he was first assigned to Robert Kanigher and when their temperaments didn't fit well (toput it mildly) he was 'adopted' by the fantasy editor. But if you look at Stephen Brower's Mort Meskin Checklist, it isclear he was all over the place, doing stuff for the fantasy titles, a romance book, Showcase #5 and the war titles. I don't know what the precise order was, but here we see him drawing what essentially is a war story (would not have been out of place there, since some of those also used fantastical ideas) for his fifth outing in House of Mystery.

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Four-Color Kid said...

Meskin always manages to amaze me!
Too bad he isn't recognized to his just importance and talent. I'd love to see DC give him an omnibus collection of his short stories from the publisher's golden era of anthologies.
thank you for sharing!
I love your website!
long live the 50's!