Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Mysterious Mr. X

Saturday Leftover Day.

Early on in his career Bernard Baily (the checkered shirt artist mentioned yesterday) made a big entrance by creating the look of The Spectre for DC. Soon after that, he started working for artist/packager Bert Whitman, whith whom he remained associated all through the fifties. I do not know that much abut this perio of Ameican comics and much of what I do know, I know through the work of Ken Quattro, the selfaccliamed Comic Detective. He did two great posts on the early work of Baily at And if you are there, stay for the other posts, such as a recent one on the correspondence between Iger and Eisner. Ken really is the greatest researcher in and on comic ook history, unearthing transcripts of the trail between DC and Fox, where Will Eisner lied for his boss and the secret tape made in the fifties of a conversation between Bill Gaines, Al Feldstein and Joe Kubert about the shady dealings surrounding the 3D process. All riveting stuff.

Anyway, Ken can't really tell when Baily ghosted ths strip, which ran from january 19th 1941 to somewhere in 1943.

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