Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Man An' His Frien'

Tuesday Comic Strip Day.

I guess this is turning into a Golden Oldies week. Only news episodes of strips I showed earlier.

From the start of this blog, I have been looking for samples of Stan Lee and Dan deCarlo's 18 month run on Willie Lumpkin and although I have shared quite a few Sundays and dailies, I still only have scratched the surface. What I wouldn't give for a nice complete run of this funnier than you would think and alwas ncely drawn strip! And three tier Sundays, please. Samples like these three new Sundays are great, but if I ever get to do a complete book collection I will need all three tiers!

The first few dailies are from the second month of the strip, when it was still in it's Miss Peach imitation mode. Very few of these early ones were ever reprinted, even though they are among the most remarkable.

Later, it became a more normal strip. Where all the chracters in the village had been interchangeable as a sort of set-up chorus for Willie, they now had to develop their own personalities, which is where Stan Lee went floundering. For some time, he turned it into a cross beween Blondie and Hi and Lois and when that didn't work, he tried building a cast for Willie at work. That worked slightly better, but by then the strip was already lost.

The last dailies appeared early in May 1961. I think the last Sunday must have been either May the 7th or May the 14th, or maybe this one a week before that.

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