Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Gay Abandon

Wednesday Advertising Day.

As long as I am doing old favorites, lets revisit Jack Betts. I really like this advertising artist from the forties and the ffities, with his loose and lively style. For a long time I thought he might have taken this approach from Hank ketcham, but it seems he started opening up his art before Ketcham even established his style. Last time I showed some of his work, it was hs long running Neddy Nestlee series and some earlier work he did for Nestlee. Here are some samples of his other longrunning series, Pter Pain for Ben Gay. I have added some of his other work, some of it even signed and including the earliest piece I ever saw of Betts, from early in 1940.

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Alex Jay said...

Betts worked on a whiskey ad campaign starting in Oct. 1936. Do a search of "Prof Jim Crack". Also try searching "Age increased—no increase in price". The newspaper ads for the Old American Brand from the American Distilling Co. ran into 1937. Looking forward to your info on Betts from his daughter. --Alex Jay