Thursday, May 09, 2013

Big Bang Boom

Thursday Storystrip Day

I was never a big fan a Big Ben Bolt or John Cullen Murphy's art until I started reading it. I always found the figures a bit too mannared and the overall look to stiff. But when Classic Comics Press brought out the first book of the complete daily reprint, I was immeiately hooked. These stories were seriously good and for some reason, the art started to grow on me, too. I urge everyone to go and buy that book, t is still available on their website (link to the right). I recently came across some of the arly Sundays, which made me realize they were not included in the reprint book - because they told seperate stories. I immediately showed a complete storyline from 1954 (follow the link below), which is all I had complete. And since the stories are such abig part of the attraction I waited to show any more. But these two Sundays I found and scanned myself are to beautiful to sit on, so here they are. Followed by a longer storyline from 1959 in black and white.

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