Saturday, May 11, 2013

Master Forger

Friday Comic Book Day.

Charlton's Thing is mainly known as the comic where Steve Ditko did some of his best work. Much of that has been reprinted and rightly so. I didn't know that another artist who was taught by Jerry Robinson in his nightclasses in the early fifties (and went on to become his assistant on much of his comic book outut of the mid fifties), Bob Forgione. I used to know Forgione only for his war DC war stories with Jack Abel and frankly, I wasn;'t very impressed. They always seemed a little bit blander than the rest of the already pretty bland DC house style. So it was a surpise to see his solo work for Timel-Atlas, which has a lot more bite. And when I found out he worked with Jerry Robinson, the link was clearly visible.

But I didn't know he actually did a lot of work for Thing in the early issues. Here is some of his stuff. The Robinson link is still visible in the long noses and the elongated panels and frankly, I don't see him taing a lot of shortcuts for the alledgally lesser paying Charlton.

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