Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Blowing Smoke

Wednesday Advertising Day.

I have been promising a full version of Alex Kotzky's Philip Morris ad series 'Duke' Handy fro 1958 almost from the day I started this blog. The truth is, I have almost all of these, but they are an a set of papers that are particulary hard to scan(because there are about six or seven stips in every section I want to do). Still, I have waited long enough, so here is what I have now.

Not only is this a great series by a gret artist in the style of another great artist, it is also interesting to see how if differs from Kotzky's other work, eiter as an inker of Jack Cole in the late forties, as a commercial artist in the fifties and as the solo artist of Apartment 3G.I have samples of each and am trying to get a large run of 3G together for you.

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