Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Mouse I Hoarded

Tuesday Comic Strip Day.

I recently scanned a lot of Micky Mouse pages from the forties. I haven't yet prepared them all, but before I do I want to unload all of the Mickey Mouse strips I have amassed over teh last year. There are some realy beauties here. I an not quite sure which ones are by which artist. My natural assumption would be that the funniest and liveliest are by Floydd Gotfredson, but I don't think he did the Sundays in the middle years. He did do the later dailies and I guess some of the Sundays, too. I advice anyone who want to know for sure to get Alan Holtz' History of Amerikcan Newspaper Strip, becuase it is all in there (as well as every credit you ever want to see about every newspaper strip).

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tristan said...


I think there are many of this sundays made by Manuel Gonzales because he starts to work in it near septembre 1938.
Román Arámbula tells this to Aquiles Stampa in the eighties. Gonzales stays in the strip near 40 years, Román Arámbula takes the dailies in 1975.
Sorry for my english.
Regard from Barcelona, Catalunya.