Wednesday, August 28, 2013

King Of The Hill

Wednesday Advertising Day.

In the late forties and erly sixties there were several artists who had their own ad series in the newspapers. Some hadtwo or even three. But Lou Fine beat them all. Over the years I have shown his ads for Wildroot, Postum, Philip Morris, Toni Hair Tonic, movie ads and the feature ad for House Beautiful Magazine (Going To Town With Pat Guinan) and I still manage to find new ones every now and again. This week, I came across a couple of old faces (which I will add them to their respective 'full' posts, but also a new one that took even me by surprise: an ad for Pepsi Cola, featuring breifly the Pepsi Cola Cops. Very odd indeed, because those ads were always drawn by people associated with Johnstone and Cushing and Fine had long since left that company, I thought.

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