Thursday, October 31, 2013

Giving Away Prizes!

Hi, Halloween Lovers! Today we announce the prize winners of the contest organized by Yoe Books and IDW. Together with the four blogs and sites mentioned below, they are giving away five books from the Yoe Books collection. In total 146 people entered their name at my special email adress and one came in late and was allowed to join by a special commission made up by me and myself. I forced a zombie to eat all the entries and then randomly picked one out when he couldn't keep it down. We said it would be gruesome and believe me, it was! The winner of the on ebook I was allowed to give away is announced below. Unfortunately it was someone who didn't leave his ground adress, so please get in touch with me at the same email adress as the contest used and I will take care that everything will be arranged for you when I get back from my trip to the comic festival in Lucca next Sunday.

These were the sites. Go there to see who the other winners is and if you like horror comics, please add them to you list.


The winner of my part of the contect is Rich Clabaugh. Congratulations. You understand you now have to visit my blog at least once a week! All the others, I suggest you pick up at least one of Craigs books or the Haunted Horror comic book to see what you have missed.

Just to remind you, it is stuff like this...


Rich Clabaugh said...

WAHOOO! Thanks Ger!! You're a Pal!!

Ger Apeldoorn said...

Thank fate! And expect to pay the price...

Rich Clabaugh said...

Uh oh! I should have known there was a catch!