Friday, November 01, 2013

Oh What A Lovely War

Friday Comic Book Day.

After the Korean war ended and before the comics code, the editors at Timely did not always know how to fill their war comics. They were still selling, but with the Korean conflict over the only thing left to write about was World War II. Or maybe not. For a couple of years many of the war titles had stories about historical wars as well. In fact, most of those were pretty good. If I was a publisher and these stories were copyrightfree, I would do a big book of History According To Marvel. Marvel itself seems stuck with their whole title approach, which isn't selling enough to let them do more than a few books every year. And even then they prefer the books that come closest to superheroes.

So for all you history buffs, here is a lesson in warfare drawn by Joe Sinnott. Who is mostly known for his slick inking of Jack Kirby, but was a pretty impressive artist on his own (albeit a bit slick) in the fifties.

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