Monday, November 11, 2013

Late Mail

Tuesday Comic Strip Day.

I have written about Stan Lee and Dan DeCarlo's 'failed' comic strip Willie Lumpkin several times. One of the most remarkable things about it, is that fact that it ran a lot longer than is usually mentioned. Most comic book historians dismiss it as having run 'no more than a year' or even 'less than a year'. On looking closely, I found that it started in December 1959 and ended on May the 6th, making the total run almost one and a half year. The difference being that there must have been a period that Stan and Dan really thought this could be their way out of comics. I showed the last weeks in an earlier post and suggested that there might be one or two Sundays after that. It now turns out that the Sunday ran even longer than I thought. In the Ottowa Journal (of all places) I found Sundays for the whole of May before the strip stopped, making the last strip to appear from May the 28th. This also means that the end of the strip probably wasn't planned by the authors, but rather that it was discontinued at a certain date with the Sundays having a traditionally larger lead time and therefore more strips already drawn.

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